“Michael Peluso was interested in drawing and art from early childhood. When he started his undergraduate work he initially majored in architectural and interior design, however, he quickly discovered that he preferred a greater art base within his work. He returned to Central PA and when he took his first glassblowing class on a whim, he knew he had found his calling. He went on to discover that his ancestors had blown glass in both Italy and Germany. Michael’s studies in glass continued at the soft glass studio of Harrisburg Area Community College, where he received a degree in visual art and design. Michael has taken numerous classes at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY. He has studied under glassblowing and flame working masters such as William Gudenrath, Michael Scheiner, James Nowak, Michael Rogers, Milon Townsend, Jane Bruce and the late Elio Quarisa. Michael has 20 years’ experience in functional glass making and currently operates a soft glass and flame working studio in Elizabethtown, PA. His work is displayed in regional galleries and shops, and he regularly participates in art festivals and artist shows. Michael teaches glassblowing at his studio and instructs at the Art Center and Galleries of Mechanicsburg, PA, where he also serves on the board of directors. He also instructs classes at Brain Vessel Gallery in Mechanicsburg, PA”.


Whether the clients are in Pennsylvania or California, Canada or Italy, Michael works to provide the highest quality glass design service. His goal is simple – he wants everyone who comes to him to be a satisfied customer. Michael is committed to giving everyone the one-on-one attention and individualized teaching that they deserve. Michael and his team of glass artists are committed to providing excellence in all areas of glass design and glass education. Mister Peluso has designed and produced the means to make his artform portable. No one should ever be left questioning what, why and how that glass is made. Imagination is the doorway to creativity. Michael, Having the ability to take his glass to places that are glassless truly transcends the medium. He believes everyone can and should try their hand at glass, whether it’s Furnace worked, Flame worked or Cast, Blown, Fused or Slumped. For 20 years “You dream it I’ll breathe it” and now “Anyone can give it a try” Have been the law, the bible to mister Peluso’s glass world.


In life, the recycling of material, the destruction and the creation of forms, creates a balance in nature. The surface of the very planet is never the same. In order to achieve this balance and happiness within my own life, there must be an exchange of energy between the large picture and the artist and the people with invested interests, for our surface our soul is never the same moment to moment.
Working with glass, with temperatures approaching 3000 °F, creates a harmonious balance between my intensity and the intensity of the glass. This balance makes me feel energized and focused as I create, I destroy. The destruction is never appreciated as the creation is but the two need to be in perfect balance. Through this repetitive process ideas are changed, viewpoints are understood. And with that understanding creates the newest chapter and ultimately new work or art or new teaching techniques. We all want to know how we got to where we are, through teaching you glimpse back to your very first understandings. It gives you a chance for a redo, again and again. In a continuous never ending cycle.