From early childhood, Michael Peluso was interested in drawing and art. When he started his undergraduate university work in southern Virginia, he initially majored in architectural and interior design; however, he quickly discovered that he preferred a greater art base within his work. He returned to south central Pennsylvania, and when he took his first glassblowing class at Harrisburg Area Community College, he knew he had found his calling. It was only after this that he discovered he was continuing a family tradition; his ancestors had blown glass in both Italy and Germany.


Since the very beginning, Michael Peluso has been recognized for being one of the up and coming glass artists on the east coast. Whether the clients are in Pennsylvania or California, Michael works to provide the highest quality glass design service. His goal is simple – he wants everyone who comes to him to be a satisfied customer. Michael is committed to giving everyone the one-on-one attention and individualized teaching that they deserve. Michael and his team of glass artists are committed to providing excellence in all areas of glass design and glass education.


In life, the recycling of material, the destruction and the creation of forms, creates a balance in nature. In order to achieve this balance and happiness within my own life, there must be an exchange of energy between the large picture and the artist. Working with glass, with temperatures reaching 2200 °F, creates a harmonious balance between my intensity and the intensity of the glass. This balance makes me feel energized and focused as I create and complete a vessel. In the process of creating a piece, I feel that I have given as much adoration, thought and passion into my glass as I have received from it.